Descriptive touch tours

Some friends who are blind asked me to organise some adapted visits to attractions, museums or neighborhoods. The possibility to touch original pieces, scale models or other tactile elements is the purpose of this experience to be enjoyed equally by sighted and non-sighted persons. We will start visiting the Sagrada Familia and will continue with a walk to the squares of Gràcia, in Barcelona. Small groups are organised, since audiodescription and tactile exploration requires time!

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Interview to Meritxell Aymerich

Photo Meritxell

Highly recommended! Meritxell, a great friend and collaborator, speaks clearly in this interview about the strong and weak points of accessible tourism. As a blind person and travel expert, no one better than her to make us understand good practices and shortcomings of tourist facilities and services.

As she states, "training and common sense are the two basic facts that open all doors for us to enjoy a good experience."

I invite you to read the full interview, it’s well worth it!

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Maquetes tàctils al MMB

Espai tàctil

El Museu Marítim de Barcelona (MMB) té un nou espai d’interpretació tàctil per a conèixer la Galera reial, la joia del museu. Access Friendly ha assessorat aquest projecte i coordinat la realització de les maquetes i de les cartel·les en tinta i braille. El maquetista naval Elies Torres ha estat l’encarregat de produir la maqueta de la galera i de la quaderna mestra de l’embarcació. També s’han fet uns elements didàctics complementaris per a treballar a l’aula.

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